Professional Apartment Painting Service for Residents and Property Managers

We specialize in turning vacant apartments. We pride ourselves on getting in and getting out efficiently so your apartments can be ready on time. We are also ready to take on occupied apartments: walls and ceilings. We keep it clean and timely so your tenants are happy.

BFB Painting has a track record of delivering service quickly and affordably. With our versatility, skills and control of color, you will have the most appealing apartments around.

apartment painting in Twin Cities, MN
interior painting in Twin Cities, MN

Renovate with New Interior Painting

From the stairwell and kitchen at home to the grand hallway at the office we can handle the project.

That huge renovation of your kitchen or bathroom has been years in the making. Why sully the final result with a subpar painter? At BFB Painting we collaborate with you to bring make your vision a reality. You deserve to have a stunning finish after all the stress of your home renovation.

Increase Curb Appeal with Exterior Painting

Outdoor paint fades and cracks over time, especially while exposed to the Minneapolis elements. We’ve got the tools needed to get it done right and to last. We can save you the headache of climbing ladders and scaling roofs. 

Whether you are a home or a business owner, the curb appeal of your property is important for a multitude of reasons. One reason is your own joy! Your home is sacred; it should make you feel proud and content. Similarly, your business’ exterior is the way your company presents itself to potential clients. Guarantee your expression is that of class, refinement and beauty by calling BFB Painting today!

exterior painting in Twin Cities, MN
painting repair services in Minneapolis

Repair Your Paint With an Expert Painter

Stuff happens. When it does we can: repair dings, dents and holes, replace drywall, repair textured ceilings, repair knockdown, fix water damage, and always finish the job completely so you can get back to living.

Do not attempt to repair these issues yourself! For years BFB Painting has followed tenants, owners, and other painters to correct their mistakes when it comes to drywall and paint repairs. The effort for the result a non professional can achieve is just not worth your time and headache. Let BFB Painting take care of you. We guarantee you will love our service after seeing our speed, efficieny and attention to detail.

Our Process

BFB painting, Inc believes the first stage in painting a surface is to communicate, communicate, and communicate again. We value the time we spend with our clients to collaborate on the intended outcome and the means to reach it. We are honest and forthright and will tell you what we can and cannot do on projects.

We support the client in choosing paint and stain colors and sheens since these are key to achieving their expected outcomes. Because we take pride in our work, our multi-stage approach to painting helps all involved understand the process, what it entails, and any mutually agreed-upon changes or extras.

Like Stage 1, Stage 2 takes place before we open any product. Whether our work is inside or out, this is the stage at which we make sure we properly prep the project area. We take steps to protect your property, your pets, your family’s health, the landscaping, and other areas of possible concern.

Prepping walls may include filling nail holes, providing small repairs. These include fixing dents, repairing stress cracks, redoing broken corner beads, and making damaged ceilings look like new.

As with the interior, the second stage for exterior work is about prepping the walls, soffits, gutters, and ground surfaces and roofs. Projects may include scraping and sanding old paint and caulking gaps, especially around windows and doors. We also prime any bare unpainted areas. Again, this is all communicated before the start of the job.

In short, we use best practices to prepare all surfaces and rely on protective equipment to run a safe and efficient project. At BFB Painting, Inc., our painters are skilled at covering furniture and blocking off areas near the project site with plastic barriers.

This stage is when we finally open the paint cans! BFB Painting uses reliable equipment and well-honed techniques to apply the products you choose for your project and protect areas not being painted. We will discuss and note the number of paint coats and the type of product to be used in the preliminary client discussion.

It’s a similar process with exterior painting. We use enough paint coatings to provide the outcome you desire. We also work with the client to protect shrubbery, patios, and other areas not meant for painting

This stage is the clean-up stage, whether it’s the final clean-up or to leave your place tidy until our next workday. We want to be sure our tools and work areas do not impede your traffic areas while finishing the project.

In this final stage, we inspect our work to be sure nothing was missed. We will then invite the client to walk through the newly painted areas to inspect our work and assess the intended outcomes. BFB Painting, Inc will address any questions or concerns promptly.