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We specialize in turning vacant apartments. We pride ourselves on getting in and getting out efficiently so your apartments can be ready on time. We are also ready to take on occupied apartments: walls and ceilings. We keep it clean and timely so your tenants are happy.


From the stairwell and kitchen at home to the grand hallway at the office we can handle the project.


We’ve got the tools needed to get it done right and to last. We can save you the headache of climbing ladders and scaling roofs.


Stuff happens. And when it does we can: repair dings, dents and holes, replace drywall, repair textured ceilings, repair knockdown, fix water damage, and always finish the job completely so you can get back to living.


BFB Painting Inc. Painted a room for me. The price was good, their service was professional and courteous. They were very respectful. I have been recommending them every chance I get. What they did for me, I considered it a blessing.

Bryon and BFB Painting do a great job! We have a plumbing company and there are times when we have had to cut into someone’s wall in order to fix a plumbing leak or other problem. Bryon and/or his crew has come in and repaired the sheetrock in a timely manner and also matched the paint and gave it a coat so that the job was complete. Thank you for the great service and going above and beyond. We have also referred them to our customers who are looking to have painting done and have received great feedback!

I have worked with BFB painting for over 30 years I’ve had them do many different types of jobs rehab work remove paneling replace with sheetrock seal and paint Apartments from smoker units and fire related damage when we get ready for big inspections we give them a list and they just stay until they get it done we had storm-related ceiling damage suspended sheetrock remove sheetrock repair and reinstall sheetrock and texture we have 320 apt units does all of our turn painting or upgrading