Experience specialized apartment and townhouse services at BFB Painting Inc, provided for both multi-family units and individual homes. Our efficient scheduling ensures timely completion for vacant apartments and minimal inconvenience for occupied ones. We bring your spaces to life with our fast, budget-friendly service and a keen eye for color. Our goal is to provide you with the most attractive results possible while ensuring efficient communication that fits your schedule and reduces any potential delays.

Step-by-Step Painting Process

External Communication
Before you proceed with the succeeding painting-related steps, talk to your property manager and neighbors first to avoid causing any disruptions. Consider hiring a professional for an apartment and townhouse painting to make the process smoother and more efficient.

Property Assessment
For any painting project, whether it’s an apartment, townhouse, or other interior space, the initial steps involve measuring the walls, selecting the appropriate paint, and preparing the area. This includes clearing the room, addressing wall imperfections, and creating a smooth surface through sanding.

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Wall Cleaning
Ensuring a clean surface is crucial to enhance paint adhesion. A gentle detergent or a water and vinegar solution is used to eliminate dust, dirt, and grease, laying the groundwork for a successful painting project.

Taping and Masking
When painting, it’s essential to tape off areas that shouldn’t be painted such as trim and baseboards. You should also protect fixtures, outlets, and switches from paint splatters with plastic coverings or tape.

Priming is particularly valuable when painting over dark colors, repairing significant damage, or working with porous surfaces. It provides a uniform base for the paint, enhancing its adhesion and color consistency.

The painting process entails careful cutting in with a brush for precision and using a roller for larger wall areas. Applying at least two coats with proper drying time between each coat ensures an even, attractive finish.

The final step involves removing tape and protective coverings, cleaning painting equipment with appropriate solvents, and returning furniture to its original position, leaving the space looking refreshed and inviting.

Let’s Add Color to Your Space!

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