About BFB Painting in Minneapolis & Twin Cities, MN Area

Who We Are?

BFB Painting was founded by Bryon Bogenrief in the Twin Cities about 30 years ago. They provide commercial and residential, interior and exterior painting and related services.

Byron has had many employees over the years including Bryon’s daughters, his son Ben, and son-in-law Dan Nichols. In 2011, BFB Painting expanded and Dan launched a second location in Sioux Falls, SD. Bryon and his son Ben are still operating the original Twin Cities branch while Dan and his team are headquartered in Sioux Falls. They now both proudly serve their own metro areas with reliable service and professional results that began over 30 years ago.

Meet The Team


Chief Executive Officer / CEO

Bryon has been painting since 1986.  He lives in Big Lake, MN with his wife Sandy. They have three daughters and one son.


Head Painter

Ben has been painting since 2010.  He lives in Eden Prairie, MN with his wife, Rachel and their daughter.


SD Branch Manager

Dan has been painting since 2002 and has lived in Sioux Falls since October 2011.  He is married to Bryon’s daughter Debbie and they have four children.

Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area Painters — Home and Business

BFB Painting, Inc is here for all your painting needs. We want your home or office to leave a pleasant, lasting impression with family, clients and friends. Warm and inviting surroundings add to a more comfortable and inviting space.

BFB Painting, Inc is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has been rated an A+ company.Our tag line is “Efficient, Reliable, and Professional.” Our seasoned and loyal painters work every day to uphold our business model. They know it well since they’ve been with us for many years.

We have 30+ years’ experience as home and commercial painting contractors serving the entire Twin Cities Metro area, including White Bear Lake, Hugo, Vadnais Heights, Forest Lake, Maplewood, Little Canada, Shoreview, and Blaine.

Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area Painting Services

Check out the BFBPaintinginc.com website to see the variety of surfaces we have painted. We have beautified such places as a college concert hall, college dorms, and gymnasium bleachers. Our work has also brought new life to community areas, homes, rental properties, work areas, offices, apartments, and even swimming pools and high school locker rooms.

We thrive on a job well done!

BFB Painting believes that all painting and repair work depends on the contractor listening to the client and learning what they are envisioning. Each client is unique, and each project holds unique challenges and outcomes.

Minneapolis Houses and Apartments Painting

Whether the house in need of painting is your home or a rental property you own or manage, we understand that communication is an essential part of working in your space.

If the property is a rental, the job needs to happen quickly, between one renter departing and another moving in. If it’s your home, we need to adhere carefully to the agreed-upon schedule so you know when that part of the house will be unavailable.

Minneapolis Small Businesses Painting

If you own or manage a small business, that’s your workspace. Plus, it’s where you meet with customers or clients. We realize that we might need to schedule our work outside regular business hours to avoid interrupting your work routine.

Our Process

Because we take pride in our work, we use a multi-stage approach to painting. That way, we all understand the process, what it entails, and any mutually agreed-upon extras.

BFB painting, Inc believes the first stage in painting a surface is to communicate, communicate, and communicate again. We value the time we spend with our clients to collaborate on the intended outcome and the means to reach it. We are honest and forthright and will tell you what we can and cannot do on projects.

We support the client in choosing paint and stain colors and sheens since these are key to achieving their expected outcomes.

Because we take pride in our work, our multi-stage approach to painting helps all involved understand the process, what it entails, and any mutually agreed-upon changes or extras.

Like Stage 1, Stage 2 takes place before we open any product. Whether our work is inside or out, this is the stage at which we make sure we properly prep the project area. We take steps to protect your property, your pets, your family’s health, the landscaping, and other areas of possible concern.

Prepping walls may include filling nail holes, providing small repairs. These include fixing dents, repairing stress cracks, redoing broken corner beads, and making damaged ceilings look like new.

As with the interior, the second stage for exterior work is about prepping the walls, soffits, gutters, and ground surfaces and roofs. Projects may include scraping and sanding old paint and caulking gaps, especially around windows and doors. We also prime any bare unpainted areas. Again, this is all communicated before the start of the job.

In short, we use best practices to prepare all surfaces and rely on protective equipment to run a safe and efficient project. At BFB Painting, Inc., our painters are skilled at covering furniture and blocking off areas near the project site with plastic barriers.

This stage is when we finally open the paint cans! BFB Painting uses reliable equipment and well-honed techniques to apply the products you choose for your project and protect areas not being painted. We will discuss and note the number of paint coats and the type of product to be used in the preliminary client discussion.

It’s a similar process with exterior painting. We use enough paint coatings to provide the outcome you desire. We also work with the client to protect shrubbery, patios, and other areas not meant for painting

This stage is the clean-up stage, whether it’s the final clean-up or to leave your place tidy until our next workday. We want to be sure our tools and work areas do not impede your traffic areas while finishing the project.

In this final stage, we inspect our work to be sure nothing was missed. We will then invite the client to walk through the newly painted areas to inspect our work and assess the intended outcomes. BFB Painting, Inc will address any questions or concerns promptly.


BFB Painting, Inc is happy to do minor repairs inside or outside your home, business, or rental property. These include, for example:

  • Patching drywall
  • Patching wall nicks or wall dents
  • Power-washing
  • Installing interior trim
  • Repairing water damage on ceilings or walls
  • Yellowed walls
  • Feel free to ask us if there is a service you need, and we will let you know if we can do it for you—or help you find someone who can.

What Our Clients Say:

Barry Alderink

BFB Painting Inc. Painted a room for me. The price was good, their service was professional and courteous. They were very respectful. I have been recommending them every chance I get. What they did for me, I considered it a blessing.

William Anderson

I have hired BFB numerous times and they always take care of my friends, family and clients very well.

Locally and Family-owned and Operated for Over 35 Years

BFB Painting Inc. is a small, family-owned business that has been in operation for 35+ years. Our company has expanded, and since 2011 has operated a BFB Painting, Inc. – Sioux Falls, SD branch.

We are members of various business groups and organizations in Sioux Falls, SD and Forest lake, MN respectively. BFB Painting, Inc. – Sioux Falls, SD was honored with the title of “Sioux Falls First” for three years.

BFB Painting, Inc. believes in giving back to the community and those in need. It provides painting services to nonprofit organizations in the Twin Cities Metro area, around the country and the world.


Reach Out!

BFB Painting values our customers and would like to have you as one of them. We’re pleased to say that we always offer potential clients a free consultation and estimate on our painting and repair services.

We promise to give your home, small business, or rental property a transformative new look! We’re your Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area painters. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation.